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Welcome to Mind The Sip – an inclusive mindful drinking app for all genders and ages (18+) to help you reassess your relationship with alcohol. We provide you with the tools and resources to cement a lifestyle free from hangovers, regrets and excess expense.

Our mission for all members is to drink mindfully and within the health guidelines, with it being your ultimate choice whether you wish to go all the way to zero.

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3 million

deaths every year result from harmful use of alcohol worldwide


of total deaths in people aged 20-39 years, are attributed to alcohol


disease and injury conditions attribute the harmful use of alcohol as as casual factor


of drinkers are taking action to reduce their alcohol intake
will you be joining the movement?

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Access a wealth of go-to resources to support you on your journey.

From podcasts to books and meditations, all the resources inside Mind The Sip have been specifically curated with the most practical and relevant content to help you achieve your alcohol reduction goals.

Explore a wide range of alcohol-free alternatives and take advantage of exclusive discounts on the best brands and products.

Stay in control with our keep me accountable feature.

For events requiring extra support you can elect for Mind The Sip to keep you accountable.

We will send you a message to see how you’re tracking, offer strategies if you feel yourself wavering and even follow up with you the next day to see how you pulled up!

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drink tracker

Stay on track with your daily drinking habits for better health.

Our comprehensive tracking tool allows you to drill down on weekly, monthly and yearly data for your drinks, spend and calories consumed.

It will return your weekly average, show how you’re tracking against the recommended consumption and pull the overall reduction you’ve achieved since joining Mind The Sip.

Add entries

Allocate your drinks for the week ahead to set yourself up for success.

Log data

Keep an accurate account of your progress by updating your actual drinks consumed, along with spend and calories.


Journal thoughts

Take note of your triggers and celebrate your wins to build on positive change and create healthy routines.

Repeat events

Convenient functionality for reoccurring events.

Take control of your drinking.

Mindful drinking is learning awareness of how and why you are consuming alcohol. Empowering you to be present in your decisions instead of mindlessly consuming in excess and finding yourself in situations you swore you’d never be in.

Plan your drinks ahead of time, without the stress.

Set yourself a game plan with clear structure and focus. Allocate your weekly drinks against events in your calendar and stay accountable to your goal.

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Community love

private community

Join our private community

Thrive in our private community with like-minded individuals. Embrace this safe and inclusive space to both support your journey and offer encouragement to others.

Rethink how you socialise

Mind The Sip’s recommendations are aligned with National Health guidelines. Embrace a safe and healthy approach to reduction and learn how to keep it that way when socialising.

Reassess your relationship with alcohol

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  • Free access to premium features for 21 days
  • Access to calendar
  • Access to resources
  • Facebook community
  • Tracking
  • Keep me accountable
  • Alcohol-free day tracking
  • Daily accountability messages
  • Access to all free and premium features
  • Access to calendar
  • Access to resources
  • Facebook community
  • Tracking
  • Keep me accountable
  • Alcohol-free day tracking
  • Daily accountability messages

Mind The Sip - become a pro at mindful drinking.

Mind The Sip’s recommendations have been executed by a certified Recovery Coach and are aligned with the local health guidelines (noting that zero is always the safest amount). Content provided is not to be substituted for medical advice.

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