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Alcohol on a long weekend

Easter 1

Long weekends often tempt us with the allure of indulging in excess alcohol. These extra days can easily become synonymous with heavy drinking or the need for recovery. However, this Easter, let’s shift our focus and lean into the abundant opportunities for joy and rejuvenation that these extended breaks offer.

Instead of giving in to the usual pattern of excessive drinking, why not embrace this extra time to engage in activities that bring genuine happiness? Spend quality moments with cherished family and friends, relish in the delight of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, and allow yourself the luxury of restorative rest.

By choosing to commit to a long weekend with little to no alcohol, or significantly less than usual, you’ll not only experience a sense of clarity and vitality by Tuesday but also cultivate a deep sense of pride in prioritizing your well-being. Remember, the true essence of these holidays lies in creating meaningful memories and nurturing connections, not in making alcohol the centerpiece of celebration. You’ve got this!