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What to Do If You Go Over Your Planned Drinks

Even with the best intentions and a solid plan, there are times when you might find yourself drinking more than you initially intended. It’s important to handle these situations with practical strategies to get back on track instead of thinking “Forget it,” and writing off the weekend, week, or month. Think of it like brushing […]

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Why Do I Drink in Excess?

Understanding why you drink excessively can be a crucial step toward changing your relationship with alcohol. Drinking in excess often stems from deeper emotional, psychological, or social issues. Identifying these reasons can help you develop healthier coping mechanisms and make more informed choices about your alcohol consumption. Here are some common reasons people might drink […]

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Are You Sober Curious?

In recent years, more and more people have started to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol. This movement, known as being “sober curious,” invites you to explore the benefits of reducing or eliminating alcohol from your life. Whether you’re considering cutting back for health reasons, personal growth, or just out of curiosity to see what life […]

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Mind The Sip x The Chiller

Hot new drop inside the Mind The Sip app! Mind The Sip has joined forces with The Chiller, New Zealand’s #1 Non-Alcoholic Drink Specialist, to bring an amazing selection of non-alcoholic beverages right to your door. Your journey to a healthier lifestyle just got even better! When you’re ready to unwind or celebrate, The Chiller […]

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