Do you crawl over the finish line at Christmas time?

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As we find ourselves in the thick of the silly season, many of us can relate to the chaotic whirlwind that typically defines the lead-up to Christmas. From juggling social gatherings, end-of-school festivities, to navigating last-minute shopping sprees and a late-night dash for extra sticky tape, the frenzy can be overwhelming. Don’t even get me started on the dreaded feeling that creeps in when you’ve forgotten to move the damn elf (again). Add hangovers into the mix, and you’re crawling over the finish line on Christmas Day, vowing to be more “organised” the following year to avoid the chaos.

Surprisingly, the key to quieting the chaos lies in an unexpected place—less alcohol. By removing the haze of brain fog and eliminating those mornings wasted in bed, we open ourselves up to a renewed sense of clarity. The realization that the holiday season can be enjoyed without the numbing effects of alcohol is a game-changer.

Contrary to the notion that it’s not Christmas without one too many, a more mindful approach allows us to savour the season in its purest form. The same number of commitments and responsibilities may remain, but the absence of alcohol brings a newfound clarity that enables us to be genuinely present for special moments. The energy of wrapping up the year becomes manageable, and the “magic” that is so often referred to reveals itself in the little things.

True connection, as it turns out, comes with less alcohol, which paves the way for less chaos. It’s in the meaningful conversations, shared laughter, and genuine moments of togetherness that the real joy of the season is found. So, while a glass of wine may add a temporary sparkle to the festivities, the enduring glow of authentic connection is far more precious. Remembering to move the elf, on the other hand…that’s a b@*%h with or without alcohol!

Wishing You Peace This Christmas.