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Embracing your reason for change

Embracing your why

In a society where stories of quitting alcohol often revolve around dramatic rock bottom moments, it’s important to acknowledge that a simple desire for change is valid on its own. There’s no need for a crisis or a concerned intervention to justify this decision. If you’ve chosen to reduce your alcohol intake, that choice deserves respect and encouragement.

Reflecting on my own experience, I realised that although my drinking habits were considered “normal” by societal standards, they didn’t align with the life I wanted to live. Despite the absence of dramatic incidents or rock bottom moments, I felt compelled to reassess my relationship with alcohol and align it with my values.

Simply wanting to evaluate how alcohol impacts your life is reason enough to seek change. Don’t let fear of judgment or societal expectations hold you back. Your sober curious journey towards drinking less, or not at all is deeply personal and deserves support.

I delve deeper into this topic here, I’m sure many of you can relate.

Ange Chappel Founder, Mind The Sip