Habit Tracking

Habit tracking

Let’s talk habit tracking. You’re probably already tracking habits in various areas of your life without even realizing it. Whether it’s logging your daily steps on a fitness watch, keeping tabs on your macros, or monitoring your sleep patterns, habit tracking is a powerful tool for self-improvement. And when it comes to your relationship with alcohol, tracking your drinks can be a game-changer.

Let’s Jump In

Start by setting your drink intentions for the week ahead. It’s about making conscious choices that align with your goals. Choose a day that works best for you to plan your week. If you’re aiming to reduce your consumption across the week, it could be Sunday, or perhaps Wednesday if you’re having an alcohol-free week and choosing to only drink on weekends. 

Tailor your planned drinks inside the Mind The Sip app to fit your lifestyle and preferences. For example, 10 standard drinks on a weekend might look like 4 on Friday, 4 on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday, or 10 across your week might look like 1 drink Monday – Thursday with 2 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This will look different for everyone based on their social calendar and alcohol reduction goals.

After your event, update your actual drinks consumed. This allows you to see patterns forming to evaluate your next week’s planned drinks. Ideally, you’ll start consuming fewer drinks than planned, allowing you to reduce accordingly, in line with your reduction goals (whether that be zero or within the health guidelines).

Benefits of Drink Tracking

Accountability: Setting intentions and tracking your drinks help you hold yourself accountable. This conscious effort can guide you in making more mindful decisions about your drinking habits.

Progress Monitoring: Tracking your drinks allows you to see your progress over time. You can identify patterns and make adjustments to improve your habits.

Mindful Drinking: By tracking your drinks, you’re moving away from impulsive drinking towards making deliberate choices that support your well-being and goals.

If you’re thinking this sounds like “a lot of work,” give it a shot for just one month. You’ll be surprised by the difference it can make. Allocating your planned drinks inside the Mind The Sip calendar and updating the entries with your actual drinks takes just a few minutes. Soon enough, it becomes second nature.

I encourage you to commit to this small change and observe how habit tracking can transform how alcohol is showing up in your life.

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