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How to keep it classy this “silly season”

Ahhh Christmas time, a period as the saying goes to “eat, drink and be merry”. With endless Christmas parties and social commitments that “merry” can quite quickly escalate to sh&t faced!

Here are some sure-fire ways to keep you on the nice list:

  • Before heading out set a clear plan for the drinks you intend to consume across the evening There is definitely power in visualization. If cocktails are on the cards for you, err on the side of caution with the planned drinks. With multiple spirits inside cocktails, they can often add up to more than 1 standard drink (Mind The Sip recommends no more than 4 standard drinks in any one day).
  • Set an intention to drink slowly, drinks can easily be downed quickly, without your body having time to process the alcohol. That can be your undoing, setting the tone of the night for fast consumption never ends well!
  • Mix up your drinks with some alcohol-free alternatives, extra points if you can score it in a fancy glass.
  • Dig into the delicious morsels that are on offer. Eat is part of the jingle after all!
  • Connect with intention – engage in conversation, really listen to what people are saying.
  • Cut loose on the dance floor, you will soon realise you don’t in fact need to have “had a couple” to get down to your favourite tunes.
  • Play the tap forward feeling smug that you’ll be waking up fresh AF, ready to rinse and repeat for the next festive occasion on the cards.
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Let’s goooo!!

Mind The Sip’s recommendations are aligned with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines. Up to 10 standard drinks per week, no more than 4 standard drinks in any day. Noting that zero is always the healthiest and safest amount (moderation for some can be a slippery slope to excess).

Disclaimer: content provided is not to be substituted for medical advice.