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In-App Content Update

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We have some exciting news to share about our ongoing commitment to providing you with valuable content that supports your sober curious lifestyle.

In-App Content Update: Podcasts, Blogs, and More!

At Mind The Sip, our mission is to empower and inspire those exploring a world with less alcohol. We understand that a key part of this journey is having access to insightful content that informs and encourages your choices. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our revamped content schedule, aimed at enriching your Mind The Sip experience:

Sober Curious Podcasts – Mondays and Wednesdays

Starting next week, we’ll be delivering a fresh dose of inspiration every Monday and Wednesday. Tune in to a variety of sober curious podcasts to hear from experts, fellow sober curious explorers, and individuals who’ve embraced the journey to a fuller, more mindful life. Each episode is a new opportunity to learn, share, and grow. So, mark your calendars for twice-weekly wisdom!

Friday Blog Posts

Our commitment to providing you with insightful articles remains unchanged. Every Friday, we’ll continue to bring you thought-provoking blog posts that delve deep into various aspects of the sober curious lifestyle. Expect engaging content that addresses your questions, concerns, and piques your curiosity.

Stay Engaged with Mind The Sip

Be sure to log in to the Mind The Sip app to access the latest content, alcohol-free alternatives, and Quit-Lit titles. We encourage you to let us know your thoughts and suggestions as we evolve our content offerings. Your feedback plays a vital role in shaping Mind The Sip into a valuable resource for all of our community members. You can drop us a line inside the app via Settings > Contact Mind The Sip or email us at

Wishing you a mindful and connected weekend ahead.

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