Meet Donna & Ricky

Donna and Ricky

Clear Head Drinks with Donna & Ricky

Meet Donna and Ricky – the founders of Clear Head Drinks. Their story begins in typical fashion. For Ricky, he was introduced to alcohol in a serious way around 18 years of age and from that day forward drinking and socialising was a big part of his life. In fact, as he got older it became more important and eventually, he realised that he was heading towards a life where he couldn’t be without it.

So, one day, after a particularly big night and days after where he found himself nervous about the house not having enough alcohol in it, he decided that enough was enough and that he was going to stop. That was 7 years ago and from then on, the problem became how was he going to socialise…how was he going to feel part of the action?

The truth was that everywhere he went the only drinks on offer were soft drinks, orange juice or Lemon, Lime & Bitters! There were simply few or no alternatives for someone wanting the taste of an adult drink but simply without the harmful alcohol content. The other problem was that the non-alcoholic drinks that were available were widely spread amongst different supermarkets, stores and online shops making accessing the drinks that you wanted a difficult task.

That’s when Donna and Ricky decided to give New Zealanders more choice around what they could drink when alcohol was off the table for whatever reason that may be. So, here we are…Clear Head Drinks is now servicing New Zealanders who want to drink adult drinks with a variety of tastes and flavours from all around the world but without the alcohol.

Clear Head Drinks proudly partners with Mind The Sip to bring their users 15% off their purchases.  You can purchase here or inside the app today.  I’ll drink to that!