Mind The Sip Live on Studio 10

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This week Mind The Sip founder Ange Chappel was invited into Studio 10 to talk all things inclusive entertaining. 

Ange kicked off the party with some Naked Life Ready-to-Drink classics. She cracked open an alcohol-free Margarita, Italian Spritz and a G&T.  Their range is extensive, with each flavour being as impressive as the next; she would have been there all day if she went through each one.

When asked about her recommendation for pairing with Christmas turkey this year, she suggested Plus and Minus and Tread Softly alcohol-free wines. Plus and Minus use grape skin extract instead of grape juice, resulting in a dryer taste in the mouth. Tread Softly, on the other hand, de-alcoholises the wine, creating a beautiful drop with the alcohol gently removed. What she couldn’t mention during the morning time slot is that Tread Softly also offers an amazing mid-strength range. They are lower in alcohol but seriously great in taste!

Take a look at the full segment here.

To kickstart your party prep, explore the discounted offerings available to the Mind The Sip community by shopping in either Australia or New Zealand. We hope Christmas ice-buckets all over the world will be topped up with alcohol-free options this year.