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Meet Tim
I’m just a dude who woke up one day with a massive hangover and said, “Enough is f*@#ing enough!”. I’ve been sober nearly a decade now. I’m not against alcohol, but I’m passionate about mindful drinking and excellent non-alcoholic beverages.

I started ALTD Spirits (Sydney’s 1st non-alcoholic spirit) in 2018 and since then I’ve been fortunate enough to partner with some absolute drink legends to start a few other brands.
This shop No & Low is a place to feature and celebrate likeminded drinks and the people behind them who are as passionate about alcohol-free as I am.

We are offering Mind The Sip users 15% off our entire range using code MTS. We will be sitting sweetly inside the app, but you can also shop the full range here.

This shop features my own drinks brands as well as other like-minded drinks producers who are equally passionate about the category. Instead of offering every brand out there, this shop is constantly evolving with a focus on small batch, crafted drinks. No supermarket stuff. No mass produced, monolithic booze company derivatives.

Specifically, we specialize in locally made and functional drinks that offer more than just great flavour, as this is where I believe the future of drinks is headed. My personal interests include adaptogenics, nootropics, mushrooms, CBD, and cactus.

We are pumped to be a part of the Mind The Sip community and can’t wait for you to try our unique drops. Cheers!

Mind The Sip’s recommendations are aligned with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines. Up to 10 standard drinks per week, no more than 4 standard drinks in any day. Noting that zero is always the healthiest and safest amount (moderation for some can be a slippery slope to excess). Disclaimer: content provided is not to be substituted for medical advice.

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Tim Triggs – Founder of No & Low