A Thousand Wasted Sundays – Victoria Vanstone

Victoria Vanstone was trapped in a cycle of binge drinking and hangxiety. In this hilarious and heartfelt memoir, she charts her transition from party girl to parent, and how she eventually chose love over liquor.

Victoria grew up in 1980s England in a happy home full of laughter, booze and a disturbing amount of fancy-dress parties. From her youthful days downing cheap wine at the local park to dodging disastrous relationships and a messy run-in with a firework, her reliable mate alcohol was never far from reach.

Eventually, Victoria found herself in Australia with a husband and a child on the way. After sobering up for her first pregnancy, becoming a boring, bottom-wiping, cleaning machine meant she soon returned to her binge-drinking ways, and had to grapple anew with the habits and beliefs that had gone unchecked since childhood.
Can a party girl put down the pint glass for good?

Incredibly funny and highly relatable, A Thousand Wasted Sundays is for anyone that has ever had a close encounter of the drinking kind. For fans of Rosie Waterland, Judith Lucy, Dolly Alderton and Adam Kay.